Russians "addressed the demographic issue" in occupied Crimea: private hospitals ceased performing abortions 11/09/2023 15:22:15. Total views 393. Views today — 1.

According to the "head of the regional Ministry of Health" Konstantin Skorupsky, it is no longer possible to undergo abortion procedures in private hospitals in occupied Crimea. This was reported by russian media on November 9.

"The clinics have voluntarily refused to provide such services", - the official was quoted by the media.

"There is nothing worse for demographics and sociology than attempts to enhance its indicators using essentially coercive methods. And if someone thinks this is a merely inconsequential local Crimean initiative, it is not. This is a big start. It's interesting whether in regions with a strong lobby from private medicine they'll start distributing condoms to keep up with the statistics and reports", - commented an oppositional Russian media outlet.

Previously, it was reported that a top russian official devised a way to "ease congestion" on the Crimean bridge by suggesting allowing access to occupied Crimea only for a fee.