The occupiers blocked Rubizhne by not extending the validity of passes and not issuing new ones 11/09/2023 11:35:40. Total views 144. Views today — 1.

Russian occupiers have imposed a de facto closed regime, refusing to allow civilians into the city and not issuing "passes" in the temporarily occupied city of Rubizhne in the Luhansk oblast. This was reported on Telegram by Artem Lysohor, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration.

"Gaining access to Rubizhne has become even more difficult. The passes introduced several months ago for entry and exit were supposed to streamline this process. However, the local occupation authorities, as usual, have complicated everything, effectively isolating the city. They do not issue new passes and do not extend the validity of the previous ones", - noted the head of the Luhansk OMA.

As reported, in Starobilsk, the occupiers conduct raids on homes, checking for the presence of russian passports.