Ukraine has passed the peak of the recession and returned to the positive dynamics - World Bank 06/08/2016 19:00:59. Total views 1056. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian economy has passed the peak of the recession and returned to positive dynamics in 2016. It is stated by report of the World Bank that is dedicated to Global Economic Prospects, - reports RBC-Ukraina.

Analysts of the World Bank noted that in 2016 Ukraine's economy returned to positive dynamics and recorded GDP growth of 0.1% in the quarter I. Thus, according to analysts, the country has passed the peak of the recession. They especially note the rate rise in western regions of Ukraine which are not directly affected by the conflict in Donbass. Overall, the bank predicts economic growth for Ukraine in 2016 at the level of 1% of GDP, next year - 2%, and in 2018 - 3%.

At the same time, the World Bank predicts decline in Russia's GDP in the current year by 1.2% as a result of falling levels of private investments and consumption. However, the slowdown in reducing the volume of economic activity may indicate that the Russian Federation has passed the "bottom" in a number of sectors. The World Bank predicts growth of GDP already in 2017.

The World Bank report also predicts the stability of the economic situation in the euro area where growth of GDP in the next year and a half, according to analysts, will be 1.6%.