Zakharchenko advised entrepreneurs of the "DPR" no to distract him with protests. "It will only get worse" (Video) 06/06/2016 23:10:11. Total views 1446. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko warned entrepreneurs that the protests against the "policy" of the authorities would only exacerbate their situation. He said this on June 5th in response to a journalist's question regarding the unprecedented pressureby "officials" of the "DPR" on small business.

"Before the war I had business experience and even in Ukraine I did not always have supporting documents for all the goods. And I can imagine that the people who are involved in trade today, especially of goods from Ukraine can not have these supporting documents. How do people work? How to be?"- addressed the reporter to the leader of the "DPR" to comment on the recent harassment by so-called fake "tax service".

Zakharchenko referred to his "business experience" and advised entrepreneurs to get rid of "the habit of hiding more".

"I understand that it is difficult to cross the border, we have the economic blockade and thanks to them markets are filled and people get food, clothing, shoes," - he said and complained at the same time that he wanted to buy a suit for 16 thousand rubles for his year-old baby in the "DPR" which he later found in Rostov for 4 thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, Zakharchenko assured that entrepreneurs would pay all taxes imposed by the militants.

"There is a tax service as it was. You will pay taxes. Each issue should be dealt with. The tax service has a box of trust to me. Anytime. I promise a fair solution of your problems to any entrepreneur. Come. The tax service is an ally. If your appeal to the Minister of Income and Fees doesn’t help, please contact me directly," - then added the leader of the militants.

'If you complain about unreasonable, believe me, the verdict will be even worse," - he warned.

Zakharchenko also said that previously conducted business meetings against the mass inspections of the tax authorities of the "republic" were illegal as they "shake the country from inside".

As previously reported, in early May businessmen of the "DPR" held a protest against mass inspections of the tax authorities of the "republic" when they were fined and outlets were sealed for the lack of a permit to import the goods. Fine were for tens of thousands of rubles. Fake "Minister of Income and Fees" of the self-proclaimed "DPR" Alexander Timofeyev, nicknamed Tashkent, warned that his "office" would continue to fight against "illegal turnover" in pseudo republics at the meeting with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in occupied Donetsk on May 23rd.