The so-called "DNR" wants to force all media outlets into a "republican media holding" to allegedly stimulate creativity 09/22/2023 10:20:03. Total views 384. Views today — 0.

In the so-called "DNR", there are plans to consolidate all media outlets into a "republican media holding". This was revealed by its self-proclaimed "CEO", Nikolai Cherkashin.

"The holding is necessary for all media outlets to work in full coordination – exchanging materials, newspapers, social media, and television. It also aims to provide an opportunity for all creative individuals to explore different genres and pursue a unified information policy, thereby disseminating information in all directions, reaching a larger audience", - separatist media outlets quote him as saying.

"We are striing to complete this process as quickly as possible – the full consolidation of all state-owned media in the republic", - Cherkashin stated.