Dramatic aggravation. Russia changed the armed conflict in Donbass to a higher level – Marchuk 06/02/2016 17:21:40. Total views 1305. Views today — 0.

Russia and militants controlled by it aggravated sharply the situation in the ATO area by changing attacks at Ukrainian positions to a higher level over the past two weeks. It was stated by the representative of Ukraine in the subgroup on safety Marchuk after the next round of negotiations of the Trilateral Contact Group on the resolution of the situation in Donbass which took place on June 1st, - Radio Svoboda.

"The Ukrainian side raised the issue that there was a sharp aggravation of the situation in the last 10-15 days, its escalation in the military sense. And it's not only about an increase in attacks, but also a quality leap, the use of large-caliber, rocket artillery, even tanks. 473 shells were fired at our positions only In on May 27th. In May the number of killed and wounded were twice as much as in April," - said the representative of Ukraine.

"Moreover, they started to conduct shelling with the participation of the spotters. They have become much more targeted: at first, there is an artillery reconnaissance, then light ranging fire of one or two shots, then the spotter from a distance suggests ... Our people think that's all and then there is the maximum targeted massive shelling," - told Yevgen Marchuk about tricks of the enemy.

According to him, they "drove more than 20 tanks across the Russian-Ukrainian border" from Russia for the past two weeks,

"In addition to the tanks, a few thousand tons of ammunition and several thousand tons of fuel were brought from Russia. The number of unmanned aerial vehicles which come from the territory of Russia without any hesitation. They start on the Russian territory, enter our territory and apart from reconnoitering, there increased the number of UAVs carrying ammunition - grenades or incendiary devices. That is, the elements of escalation, as we say, not only the number of attacks increased, but the quality of the situation is different and it can not just happen," - he said.