PACE declares russian regime a dictatorship 09/12/2023 17:16:17. Total views 159. Views today — 0.

The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) expressed concern about the legitimacy and legality of the amendments to the russian Constitution that were adopted in July 2020. This is reported on the PACE website on September 12.

"The overwhelming power of the president, which is the result of an extremely long term in office, combined with the absence of any checks and balances, such as a strong parliament, an independent judiciary, free media, and an active civil society, have turned the russian federation into a de facto dictatorship", - the parliamentarians said.

PACE added that the russian aggression against Ukraine and its consequences demonstrate that dictatorship poses a threat to international peace and security, as well as the territorial integrity and political independence of its neighbors.

"Therefore, it is in the interests of the people of russia, as well as Europe and the world, to restore democracy in russia", - the committee concluded.

As reported earlier, the President of Brazil withdrew his statement that putin would not be arrested if he visited the country.