Yefremov agreed with Putin's adviser on capture of Luhansk Russian troops – Landik 06/01/2016 21:03:24. Total views 1405. Views today — 2.

Former head of the Party of Regions in the Verkhovna Rada and ex-governor of Luhansk region Aleksandr Yefremov negotiated on the capture of the region by Russian forces. It was stated by the ex-regionals Vladimir Landik in his interview with Online.ua.

"In February of 2014 there was a meeting in Luhansk. (Natalia) Korolevskaya’s brother arrived (Konstantin Korolevskyi, former Deputy Minister of Regional Development of Russia - Ed.) and Sergey Glazyev, Putin's adviser who often came to us. They met with Yefrenov and agreed how to share the assets after the overthrow of the Ukrainian authorities in Luhansk," - he said.

According to Landik, Yefremov was allowed to "command" in Luhansk.

"And shared: who of local businessmen would get minen and who would get Severodonetsk Azot. Some would get shops in Luhansk and others market. Yefremov promised that "sharing" to his entourage under Putin’s warranty. Those believed: Putin will entern Luhansk! They told me personally: "Stop bullying Yefremov! We're all on the same team," - said the ex-regional.

Landik assured that he had got that information from "the closest people to Yefremov" and he handed it to the SSU, but there he was asked not to spread it.

According to him, Russians "did out of" Yefremov after the capture of Luhansk.

"And that's how it was. When Putin came to Luhansk, he did out of Yefremov. Russian Luhansk criminals entered, please: “Rob! Kill!"And those who believed Yefremov, lost everything, all was cut for scrap And Putin has a simple excuse: "Ukrainian army did not let us to Kiev, so I did not fulfill the promise - force majeure!" - he added.