"Operation by the MID, it's succeeding": A factory producing electronics for missiles is on fire near moscow (VIDEO) 09/01/2023 13:29:00. Total views 295. Views today — 0.

A factory producing electronics for missiles is on fire near moscow. This information, citing its own source in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, was reported by the Ukrainska Pravda on September 1st.

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"In the suburbs of Lyubertsy, after an attack by a Ukrainian drone, a factory producing electronics for missiles is on fire", - the message said.

It is emphasized that the source of the Ukrainska Pravda refutes the words of moscow Mayor Sobyanin that "...with the help of air defense near Lyubertsy, another attempt to fly a drone to Moscow was thwarted". The source noted that the drone reached its destination, and the fire is still ongoing at the plant of the Tomilinsky Electronic Plant in Lyubertsy.

"Operation by the MID, it's succeeding, more to come", - the source told the publication.

Currently, the Main Intelligence Directorate has not officially commented on these events.

"At the same time, Andrii Yusov, the representative of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, in a comment to UP, noted that russian propaganda had issued another lie about the downed drone and confirmed that an explosion indeed took place in Lyubertsy on Friday", - the publication writes.

Earlier, it was reported that russia claimed drone attacks in the moscow, Kursk, and Belgorod oblasts.