War crimes committed by Girkin and other Russian mercenaries in Donbass will be considered in Hague 05/27/2016 21:26:08. Total views 1127. Views today — 0.

The report of deputy of the Polish Sejm Małgorzata Gosiewska on war crimes in Donbass has been admitted by the international court in Hague. The document may form the basis of the Tribunal on Donbass - Ukraine and some European countries insist on its establishment, - reports Novaya Gazeta.

The report was published for the first time at the end of last year. However, attention was drawn just now - due to the interest of Hague.

Małgorzata Gosiewska describes meeting with witnesses of executions and torture victims, meetings were recorded during her trips to Donbass in 2014. The report contains 157 pages, in particular "execution orders" signed personally by former commander in chief "of the army of Novorossia" Igor Strelkov-Girkin. I must say that these orders were on the Internet in the summer of 2014 immediately after the retreat of "Commander in Chief of Novorossia Russia" from Slavyansk. But Hague spoke about significance of these documents only after reading Gosiewska’s report.

The authenticity of the "orders of execution" is indirectly confirmed by Strelkov-Girkin himself - in his interview with RIA Novosti in May 2014, he announced the execution of Dmitry Slavov and Nikolai Lukyanov "for looting, armed robbery, abduction, abandonment of military positions."

Motives of extrajudicial executions are explained in other orders,signed by Strelkov-Girkin. Thus, commander informs the population of Slavyansk one of them that the "DPR command would not allow to turn their rear in the field of criminal lawlessness" and an offense in the war zone "will be punished resolutely and mercilessly."