Catastrophe with pension benefits is brewing in Ukraine: 65 billion were given to big business – Reva 05/24/2016 12:20:08. Total views 1271. Views today — 0.

Catastrophe with pension benefits is brewing in Ukraine. Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva said that on the air of Svoboda Slova programme, - informs UNN.

"If in 2014 the Pension Fund deficit was 80 billion UAH and it was needed to think how to overlap and then decided to tax pension ... it gave 1 billion 800 million... A year later it was decided to lower the rate of the unified social tax from 38 to 22%. After that, some of our economists argued that once we lowered the rate of the unified social tax, we would overlap the shortfall. 5 months passed and I want to report to you that the deficit of the Pension Fund, which amounted to 80 billion UAH last year, is now 145 billion UAH. That is, we took 65 billion UAH and gave them to big business and we hope that he is ashamed and will return them through increasing salaries and the payment to the Pension Fund. That did not happen... We are now in the situation when, in fact, catastrophe with pension benefits is brewing, namely, the Pension Fund deficit," - he stressed.