Rally in Donetsk was presented in Russia as the protest against the OSCE police mission 05/23/2016 14:28:17. Total views 1107. Views today — 2.

Rally in occupied Donetsk was presented in Russia as a protest against the OSCE police mission. It is reported byInterfax.

Russian news agency website informed that there was a rally "against the introduction of an armed mission in Donbass" near Park Inn hotel in Donetsk, where the OSCE observers lived on May 22nd.

Several hundreds of people took part in the rally, as informed by Interfax reporter. They are holding sings "No armed mission in Donbass" and the flags of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

The news agency reports that the purpose of the rally was to protest against alleged poor performance of the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Donbass. According to participants, the work of international observers cannot be regarded as satisfactory. "The number of attacks on the territory of the DPR is only growing and the protestors blame the inactivity of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission," - reports Dan.

Residents of occupied Donbass say in the social networks that participation in the rally was organized by the order of the higher-ups.