Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of a major Ukrainian counteroffensive, but the AFU refute this 06/05/2023 11:47:42. Total views 467. Views today — 0.

The russian Ministry of Defense announced on June 5th the "start of a large-scale Ukrainian offensive" taking place on multiple fronts. This information was reported in the ministry's Telegram channel.

"The offensive has begun on five sections of the front in the South Donbas direction, with the involvement of the 23rd and 31st mechanized brigades, supported by other military units and formations. A total of six mechanized and two tank battalions were deployed", - the statement said.

At the same time, the Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that russian sources are expected to intensify the dissemination of unreliable information about military actions in Ukraine.

"With the aim of demoralizing Ukrainians and misleading the international community (including their own population), russian propagandists will spread false information about the counteroffensive, its directions, and Ukrainian army losses. To achieve this, they have prepared old videos and photos showing destroyed equipment, casualties, and prisoners, as well as other fake materials", - the statement noted.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine released a video in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces called for silence, stating, "Plans love silence. There will be no announcement of a counteroffensive". This video was broadcast on Crimean television.