The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Pivovarskiy decided to resign. Because of the new government 12/11/2015 19:06:37. Total views 1206. Views today — 0.

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarskiy resigns. He stated this at the briefing in the Cabinet - reports LigaBusinessInform.

"At the beginning of the year my team and I said that we were willing to devote the year to work. It was a difficult year but it was quite successful. So, now I decided to resign from his position of the Minister of

Infrastructure. My decision is personal and absolutely conscious. That does not mean that on Monday I will not go to work. There will be a period of transition. It just means that my fellow ministers, the Prime Minister, colleagues and others should not count on me in the new government, which I am sure will work in the next year", - said Pivovarskiy.

The Minister expressed the hope that the deputies would support his desire and agree with his resignation.

Answering questions why he resigns, if his ministry showed good results for the year, Pivovarskiy said: "When I went to the ministry, I said clearly that it was necessary to change the bureaucratic system in general ... A very important and very painful moment is a question of fair pay for bureaucrats. Because it is very difficult to manage an industry where turnover is almost 100 billion hryvnia, where half a million people work, where there is a huge responsibility, and it is very hard to do this for 6 thousand hryvnia. It is very hard to motivate new people to come from the market for 5,4 thousand hryvnia, it is the average salary in the ministry. This is the lowest average salary among all of the Cabinet of Ministers".