"Republican Guard of the DPR" is led by full-fledged addict Vanya Russkiy – Khodakovsky 05/20/2016 17:07:29. Total views 1207. Views today — 0.

"Republican Guard of the DPR" is led by fully-fledged addict "General" Ivan Kondratov (nickname "Vanya Russkiy"). So-called "ex-Secretary of the National Security of the DPR" Alexander Khodakovsky told about that during the online conference on May 19th.

"I know, guys, when, for example, Vanya Russkiy, the General, who gives interviews. Even Zakharchenko complains that he can not overcome the the General Vanya Russkiy’s addiction and resorts to such drastic measures as tying him to the bed and keeps hum like that for several days, and then let go, then he again gets down and dirty," - said Zakharchenko.

Khodakovsky does not call the name of the general-addict, but the separatist media have repeatedly written about the command of "the Republican Guard of the DPR" Ivan Kondratov (Vanya Russkiy) who really gives interviews often and is presented in the "republic" as "the hero of Novorossia."