In case of elections in occupied Donbass, we will sweep the Rada and the PA - leader of Azov Biletsky 05/20/2016 16:09:37. Total views 1086. Views today — 1.

No elections should be held in occupied Donbass without control over the Russian-Ukrainian border. It was stated by MP and leader of Azov Andrey Biletsky today near the Verkhovna Rada, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"After that (the elections in occupied Donbass - OstroV), there is no guarantee of return of Crimea, Donbass and Ukrainian border to Ukraine. That will never happen, if we hold these elections ... And it is the most terrible danger. The authorities are now actively smudging this issue telling that there will be no elections. But they will take place because they want to hold them and they promised it to the West and Russia in Minsk," - he said.

He stressed that no elections in Donbass should take place unless the Russian-Ukrainian border was closed.

"If there is no Ukrainian border - there are no elections and it is our only demand," - said the Azov leader.

"It is a precautionary action. We are interested to enter the Rada, let them listen to us from here. There is no point talking to them. They know only the language of fear. If they see us, they will know that in case of attempts to hold these treacherous elections, we will sweep the Rada and the PA and find new MPs. These elections will never take place. Today it is just a beginning but it is not the last action," – said Biletsky.