"DNR" admitted that there are once again issues with miners' salaries. "This part of the work is being postponed until summer" 05/24/2023 09:35:46. Total views 571. Views today — 0.

The payment of the promised wages owed to the "DNR" miners is being postponed, possibly until September. This is indicated in the statement by Andrei Chertkov, a russian official who calls himself the "First Deputy Chairman of the Government".

"I understand that people have been left without salaries for almost 5 months. In May, we planned to transfer the mines to investors, with the expectation that starting from May, the enterprises would be paying salaries in conjunction with the investors. However, due to the transitional period associated with property matters and the transfer of assets to investors, this part of the work with investors is being postponed, I believe, until summer", - he wrote.

The "First Deputy Chairman" stated that "together with the coal enterprises, we are starting to work out the issues and prepare the necessary documents for paying the miners' salaries until September".

Earlier, the russian official assured that the issue of settling the debts owed to the "DNR" miners, who have not received their wages since the beginning of 2023, had been resolved positively. However, people commenting on his statements write that they have still not received the promised money. "But didn't you promise that last week??? And you said the very same thing. It's funny to read this mockery of people!!! Pay off the debts! We are already in debt up to our ears", - miners and their families express their outrage.