Seven Ukrainian soldiers have taken a platoon of russian mercenaries captive (VIDEO) 05/23/2023 12:30:01. Total views 340. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian military forces in Donetsk oblast destroyed an enemy armored column and captured a platoon of mercenaries. This was reported on May 22 by the commander of the Birds of Madiar unit, Robert Brovdi (callsign Madiar).

"The 59th Brigade is ready for combat, the 55th Separate Artillery Brigade is providing support, and the reconnaissance and tracking of the enemy for target adjustment is carried out by the strike drone company of the 59th Brigade, the Birds of Madiar unit", - the soldier reported.

He stated that near the Pisky area in Donetsk oblast, Ukrainian troops almost completely destroyed a russian column consisting of a tank, two Tiger armored vehicles, and two airborne combat vehicles BMD. Only the tank managed to escape. However, more importantly, our soldiers were able to repel the attack and capture 22 enemy assault troops.

All the captured individuals belong to the so-called PMC Storm, which is subordinate to the russian military leadership. The entire process of surrendering the occupiers as prisoners of war is shown in the video. Only seven soldiers from the 59th Brigade were in charge of the process.

Madiar also emphasized that all the russians were captured in accordance with international law and were unharmed. They were subsequently evacuated from the battlefield.

It is worth noting that earlier, the head of the General Staff's Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kyrylo Budanov, addressed russian military personnel and suggested surrendering as prisoners of war now because "it will only get worse".