Postponing of the visa-free regime for Ukraine is discussed in Brussels - EU Ambassador 05/20/2016 15:08:04. Total views 1145. Views today — 1.

EU countries are discussing the possibility of postponing introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukraine. It was stated by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU Nikolay Tochitskiy in his interview with Yevropeyskaya Pravda.

According to him, the factor of the migration crisis could affect the speed of the decision on Ukraine.

As Ambassador noted, we are talking about the European Commission's initiative to create a procedure that will allow to reconsider the decision on visa-free regime after it is made.

"There are EU countries that believe that at first we need to make these changes and only then the visa-free regime for Ukraine will be provided," - said Nikolay Tochitskiy.

At the same time, he said that the final decision on this matter was still pending.

The Ambassador warned the EU on issues related to the possible postponing of a decision on visa-free regime.

"If it happens (if the introduction of visa-free travel is postponed - Ed.), the EU may lose a reliable partner on its eastern border," - he said.

"If the Ukrainians see that despite everything done by the state, despite the fact that Ukrainians have fulfilled all their commitments, the EU has not fulfilled its promises and does not grant a visa-free, it will be interpreted negatively in Ukraine," - said the Ambassador.