Rashists are warning about Ukraine's readiness to strike with tank columns from Avdiivka towards Donetsk 05/22/2023 13:01:10. Total views 517. Views today — 2.

The so-called "384th Separate Marine Special Forces Post of the Donetsk People's Republic" claims in their Telegram channel that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are allegedly actively preparing an offensive from Avdiivka towards Donetsk.

"On the night of May 20-21, a large batch of Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard vehicles entered Avdiivka through the Kurakhove railway station. Over the past 72 hours, wave after wave of enemy forces, including personnel from the so-called 'assault brigades', have been arriving in the city. Additionally, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Ukrainian tanks and other combat vehicles at the site of the old brick factory in the settlement of Krasnohorivka... Furthermore, our intelligence has been observing attempts by the Ukrainian side for the past four days to find gaps in our defense in order to advance tank columns from Avdiivka towards Donetsk", - warn the occupiers.

They also note the "availability of combat orders to the Ukrainian Air Force for the use of ADM-160B MALD decoy missiles in the Donetsk direction from May 22 to 25, which is also an intelligence indicator of the enemy's preparation for an offensive (these missiles are a cheap means of overcoming air defense)".

In light of the above, the occupiers call on their accomplices in the units to "stay alert".

"Starting from 03:00 a.m. on May 22, 2023, and for the next 48 hours, pay maximum attention to any attempts by the enemy to covertly advance towards Donetsk!", - the occupiers urge.

The occupiers did not explain how a tank column could "covertly advance" towards Donetsk.