Ukrainian Armed Forces advance 1,700 meters on the Bakhmut direction – Cherevatyi 05/18/2023 11:23:17. Total views 422. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian military forces continue to attack russian occupiers on the Bakhmut direction. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have managed to advance up to 1,700 meters on the flanks. This was announced by the the spokesperson of the Eastern Group of Defense Forces, Serhiy Cherevatyi, during a national TV news marathon broadcast on May 18th.

"During the fighting, our units, despite not currently having an advantage in personnel, ammunition, and equipment, continue to advance on the flanks. We have covered distances ranging from 150 to 1,700 meters over the past 24 hours", - said Cherevatyi.

According to him, Bakhmut remains the epicenter of the fighting. Over the course of the day, the occupiers conducted 77 artillery strikes and 6 airstrikes on the Bakhmut direction.

"In the battles, 130 occupiers were eliminated, 145 were wounded and 4 were captured. Additionally, two self-propelled artillery systems MSTA, the Orlan UAV, and 8 field ammunition depots were destroyed", - added the spokesperson.

As previously reported, the occupiers are losing initiative near Bakhmut due to the counterattacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.