AFU launch counteroffensive near Bakhmut, it seems like the Wagnerites are trapped there – Syrsky 05/16/2023 13:33:58. Total views 244. Views today — 2.

Ukrainian troops are taking counteroffensive actions on certain fronts near Bakhmut. This was announced in a Telegram message by the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrsky, who visited the Bakhmut area on May 16.

"The Wagnerites have crawled into Bakhmut like rats into a trap. Using the principle of active defense, we are resorting to counteroffensive actions on certain fronts near Bakhmut. The enemy has more resources, but we are undermining his plans", - emphasized Syrsky.

He mentioned that necessary decisions have been made in coordination with unit and division commanders regarding the continuation of the defense. According to him, the military has assessed all possible scenarios of events.

Syrsky also recognized the Ukrainian defenders with awards and presented gifts to the soldiers.