In the "LNR", water is absent in almost all districts and cities occupied since 2014 05/15/2023 14:51:35. Total views 389. Views today — 0.

The occupational authorities in Luhansk traditionally reported on the lack of water supply in cities and districts of the "LNR", this time listing all districts occupied since 2014. This was stated in several messages from the Luhanskvoda "state enterprise" on May 15.

"On May 15th, due to emergency power outage at the pumping station of the Alchevsk management of Luhanskvoda, there were failures in the supply of water through the main 1200mm diameter water pipeline, and the volume of water supply to Alchevsk, Brianka and Stakhanov (Kadiivka) was reduced by 30%", - one of the messages said.

It is specified that, in addition, Luhanskvoda stopped supplying water to Almazna and residential areas of Anninka, Sabivka, as well as villages Nove, Hlyboke and Lomovatka, which are part of Brianka.

Another message clarifies that there is no water supply in Khrystalnyi (Krasnyi Luch) and Vakhrusheve.

In addition, in another message dated May 15, it is said that due to repair work, water is absent at several addresses in Luhansk (Artemivskyi, Zhovtnevyy and Leninskyi districts), in the settlements of Krasnodonskyi, Lutuhynskyi, Perevalskyi, Slovianoserbskyi and Stanychno-Luhanskyi districts, as well as in Holubivka (previously Kirovske), Rovenky, Dolzhanske (previously Sverdlovske), Antratsyt and Irmine. This message also mentions again that there is no water in Brianka, Almazna, Alchevsk and Kadiivka.

Earlier it was reported that, as part of their daily tradition, the occupiers explained the absence of water in several cities of the Luhansk oblast, including the regional center, due to repairs.