Ukraine needs more time for counter-offensive – Zelensky 05/11/2023 15:01:11. Total views 426. Views today — 0.


Ukraine needs more time before launching a counter-offensive in anticipation of the promised help from the allies. This was reported by the BBC on May 11, citing an interview with Volodymyr Zelensky to broadcasters from Eurovision News.

"With [what we already have] we can go forward, and, I think, be successful. But we'd lose a lot of people. I think that's unacceptable. So we need to wait. We still need a bit more time", - he said.

President Zelensky described combat brigades, some of which were trained by Nato countries, as being "ready" but said the army still needed "some things", including armoured vehicles that were "arriving in batches".

He expressed confidence that the Ukrainian military could advance, warning of the risks of a "frozen conflict" which, he said, was what russia was "counting on". Another risk could be reduced military support and pressure on talks with russia if the counteroffensive disappoints the West.

"Everyone will have an idea", - President Zelensky said. "[But] they can't pressure Ukraine into surrendering territories. Why should any country of the world give Putin its territory?"

Earlier it was reported that Zelensky believes in the victory of Ukraine even before the presidential elections in the United States.