Our soldiers in Bakhmut: "Eliminated over fifty rashists, returned important positions under Ukrainian control" 05/10/2023 09:48:53. Total views 313. Views today — 1.

The soldiers of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade in Bakhmut eliminated over half a hundred of rashists and also replenished the exchange fund. This was reported on Telegram by Maksym Zhorin ("Mose"), former commander of the Azov regiment and major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"A few details about the operation of our 3rd Separate Assault Brigade on the southwestern outskirts of Bakhmut, which is why Priogzhin is crying today. We eliminated over fifty rashists - including Wagner mercenaries and the 72nd brigade of the russian army. Several ammunition depots, mortars and several BMP units were destroyed. Important positions were returned under Ukrainian control. As you can see, there is also replenishment of the exchange fund", - Zhorin reported.

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