Zakharchenko said that Donetsk region was not enough for him. He dreams to conquer whole Ukraine with "blood and iron" (Video) 05/18/2016 22:39:09. Total views 1165. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that he was preparing for war and wanted to "conquer" whole Ukraine. He said that in his interview with Oplot separatist television channel.

He said that he felt as if two people lived in him, one seeks to solve all political problems by military means, the other one is in favour of the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements.

"First Zakharchenko has to deal with the second one constantly. They fight constantly. But I need not only Donetsk region borders. I need borders of the normal state in which we once lived. It is necessary to reformat whole Ukraine, finally, and the war will be over. We go beyond borders of Donetsk region - it will not mean the end of the war. I need a complete victory. So that I can clearly state - today we won, today we signed the final protocol, we have peace ... So that we could organize celebration from the airport to Shcherbakova park for all combatants. So that we remember all of our fallen comrades, dink for health and begin to build a new peaceful life. It is first Zakharchenko," - he said.

He also commented on the "serious fulfillment of" the Minsk agreements.

"It is very difficult for the second one to perform the Minsk agreements. It is difficult to stand the faces of the people who technically should carry out one work and they try not to do it, but they do completely different intelligence work. Therefore, Zakharchenko breaks. Very hard. But I know there will be no victory without that. I have to fight against myself... " - said A.Zaharchenko.

However, he made it clear that the Minsk agreements were not a gurantee from military operations.

"In any case, what should be solved with fire and iron will be solved with fire and iron. No diplomacy will not help. The process is complicated, but it remains to be seen. I hope for the best, but I am always ready for war.." - said the leader of the militants .