Disgraced Khodakovsky described how "chief of Zakharchenko’s administration" was shot by "Vice Prime Minister" and got "to the basement" 05/16/2016 20:37:27. Total views 1287. Views today — 0.

The so-called "head of administration" of the "DPR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko Maxim Leshchenko was shot in the leg and "got to the basement" because of the conflict with the "Vice Prime Minister". Disgraced former "secretary of the National security of the DPR" Alexander Khodakovsky wrote about that in the social network.

He mentioned in his LiveJournal about the "heroes" of the pseudo republic, "covered in the mud, sawing power and ready to resort to all sorts of rubbish, just to keep their posts."

"... As a recent well-known story with our Vice Prime Minister and head of the administration, whose conflict led to the fact that the Vice Prime Minister shot twice in the leg of the head of the administration and then threw him into the basement without aid where he almost died. And these people "run" the state? Yes, it is a cesspool that deserves only one thing – cleansing," - said the disgraced fighter.

The militant didn’t mention the name of the "Vice Prime Minister.

In April 2016 the leader of "DPR" appointed three "Deputy Prime Ministers" - Alexander Timofeyev (nickname "Tashkent"), Katerina Matyushchenko and Dmitriy Trapeznikov.

Earlier there was information in the social networks that Maxim Leshchenko was taken to the regional traumatology department because of the gunshot wound in his thigh. Now details were disclosed about the wound and circumstances of the accident.

Local bloggers wrote that Leshchenko was wounded "during friendly alcohol drinking " with the head of Zakharchenko's personal guard with the call sign "Berkut". "Berkut" allegedly shot in Leshchenko’s thigh as an argument.