A grand jury in Manhattan has voted to indict Donald Trump – CNN 03/31/2023 12:00:35. Total views 157. Views today — 0.

A grand jury in a New York court has issued an indictment on charges of former US President Donald Trump's involvement in paying $130,000 to actress Stormy Daniels, according to CNN.

It is the first time in American history that a current or former president will face criminal charges.

It is expected that the indictment will be officially announced in the coming days, and prosecutors will request that Trump appear in court. Trump himself has not yet commented on the situation.

The indictment of Donald Trump by a Manhattan grand jury has been filed under seal and will be announced in the coming days.

According to the investigation, Stormy Daniels was paid to "buy silence" about her alleged relationship with the politician. The Manhattan prosecutor suspects that the payments were made from funds for the 2016 presidential campaign.

As previously reported, former US President Donald Trump promised his voters to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours after his re-election to a second presidential term.