Explosions in occupied Melitopol: puppet authorities say the locomotive depot was shelled 03/29/2023 10:18:33. Total views 300. Views today — 0.

Explosions were heard in the occupied Melitopol near the locomotive depot. This was reported by the so-called "administration" of the city.

"According to preliminary information, as a result of the shelling ... at 5:30 a.m. objects of the locomotive depot of Melitopol were hit. There is damage to the infrastructure. There were no casualties", - the puppet authorities of the temporarily occupied city said.

In turn, the legal mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, reported about a series of explosions. "Melitopol: it’s very loud now! Several explosions are heard in all areas of the city. The occupiers are fussing. We are waiting for details from the General Staff", - he wrote in his Telegram.