Former russian president medvedev threatens the Hague Court with the Oniks missile strike 03/20/2023 12:00:32. Total views 187. Views today — 0.

Former president of russia, dmitry medvedev, has come up with an "initiative" to launch a missile strike on the building of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, using the supersonic Oniks missile. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel on the morning of March 20.

Commenting on the Hague Court's decision regarding the arrest warrant against dictator putin, medvedev stated that the judges need to "watch the sky carefully". He also used a derogatory term in reference to the United States.

"It is obvious that the harshest info has come from the US. It is understandable that there is no practical value, but thank you for remembering. But the consequences for international law will be monstrous... The judges of the International Criminal Court have puffed themselves up in vain. Look, we are brave, we did not hesitate to raise our hand against the largest nuclear state. Unfortunately, gentlemen, everyone walks under God and missiles. It is quite possible to imagine the targeted use of hypersonic Oniks from the North Sea by a Russian ship at The Hague court building. Unfortunately, it cannot be shot down. And the court is just a poor international organisation, not the population of a NATO country. That's why they won't start a war. They are afraid. And no one will feel sorry for them. So, judges of the court, watch the sky carefully", - he threatened.

As previously reported, on March 17 the ICC judges issued arrest warrant against putin.