Chronicles of "prosperity": out of 130 trolleybuses, only 50 are operational, and only 14 are working on routes in occupied Donetsk 03/17/2023 09:36:55. Total views 524. Views today — 0.

In occupied Donetsk, out of the 130 trolleybuses that were captured by the "DNR" militants in 2014, only 50 remain operational and only 14 are working on routes. This was reported by the occupation media.

It is noted that the trolleybus depot has approximately 130 trolleybuses, but only 50 of them are operational. According to the depot director, only 14 trolleybuses operate in the city per day. He explained that there are not enough drivers for this type of public transport to function fully, as many men have been mobilized for the war against Ukraine.