Russia lost up to 30,000 soldiers around Bakhmut - UK Delegation to the OSCE 03/16/2023 12:50:12. Total views 391. Views today — 0.

Up to 30,000 russian servicemen have been killed and wounded in the battles of Bakhmut, according to Ian Stubbs, a senior military advisor who is part of Britain’s delegation to the OSCE, Ukrinform reports.

"Over the past week, we have seen intensive combat as Russia continues its grinding offensive in the Donbas. Russia is suffering extremely heavy casualty rates. Since May last year, between 20 – 30,000 Wagner and regular Russian forces have been killed and wounded in the area around Bakhmut alone", - he said.

According to Ian Stubbs, that’s a huge loss of human life for a total territorial advance of approximately just 25 km.

Over 800 russian soldiers are being killed or wounded for each kilometer gained, the vast majority of them are Wagner PMC mercenaries.

Earlier it was reported that the russian Ministry of Defense is trying to seize Vuhledar in order to compete with Wagner PMC.