Ukrainian Myrotvorets Internet resource closes, but promises to "leak" all the information availbale to the public 05/13/2016 12:26:07. Total views 1630. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian Myrotvorets Internet resource which made public information about media representatives accredited by the so-called Ministry of Information of the "DPE" has decided to close its website. It is reported by the Myrotvorets center.

"Taking into account the reaction caused by the publication of the list of journalists accredited by the terrorist organization "DPR", demands of Ombudsman V.Lutkovskaya and always troubled and concerned European Union, as well as journalists of Ukraine with anti-Ukrainian position headed by the Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine T.Popova, the Myrotvorets center has taken a difficult decision to close the website,"- said the statement.

The center staff is currently carring out archivation of all available information, which, as they think, "will later made public, so that anyone can download it and deploy locally on your computer."

"We thank the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine using our system of identifying pro-Russian militants, Russian spies, thereby protecting our peace and calmness, as well as all those who for the sake of the public good sent us information about separatists, terrorists, mercenaries and other war criminals. Thank you that you have been with us and supported Ukraine with all their heart," - noted the Myrotvorets center.

As previously reported, on May 10th Ukrainian Myrotvorets Internet resource made public personal data of journalists accredited by the so-called Ministry of Information of the self-proclaimed "DPR". his accreditation gave opportunity to work on the occupied territories of Donbass. As noted on the Myrotvorets website, the work permit was issued to 7901 media employees.

In their turn, a number of leading Ukrainian and foreign journalists appealed to the Myrotvorets website to delete immediately personal information about media representatives.