"Everyone proceed to shelters immediately!" . Hackers activate air raid siren in moscow (VIDEO) 03/09/2023 17:08:00. Total views 228. Views today — 0.

In moscow, after hacking into radio station and television channel servers, false information about an air raid siren was broadcasted. BBC reports this with reference to the russian TASS news agency and the russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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Video source: Telegram channel Trukha-Ukraina

"Everyone proceed to the shelters immediately!" – such a message appeared on television screens (videos are being published on Telegram channels).

Viewers in Moscow had their broadcasts interrupted with a clip about an attack, a recommendation to take cover, and use gas masks, according to the channel Ostorozhno Moskva.

The report reminds that similar incidents have happened in several russian regions before. On February 28, regional radio stations and television channels announced an air raid siren. Their broadcasts featured announcements about a "missile strike" with a call to immediately take cover, accompanied by the sound of sirens. The Ministry of Emergency Situations then stated that this was the result of hacking into warning systems. A similar incident occurred on February 22, when residents of many russian regions heard a radio announcement about a missile attack.