11 russian prisoners, recruited by the russian Ministry of Defense for the war against Ukraine, fled to the "DNR" due to execution threat 03/08/2023 17:54:50. Total views 249. Views today — 1.

Eleven russian prisoners fled to the "DNR" because of the threat of execution. They were previously recruited for the war against Ukraine by the russian Ministry of Defense. It is reported by the Ostorozhno Novosti media.

As previously reported, their fellow soldiers were beaten and sent "to the basement" in occupied Donetsk. However, a group of prisoners managed to hide and then escape from the training camp.

Criminals say that they are afraid for their lives, because they were threatened with execution. "If you refuse to go to war, people from PMCs will come and shoot you", - they retell the threats of their command.

According to the prisoners, they do not sign contracts with them, because then, in the event of their death, they can be "registered as missing", which means not paying the promised payments to their families.

Moreover, they believe that on the way from the prison to the "special military operation" area they were "resold" to the "People's Militia of the DNR".