"The second Yanukovych”. People are demanding the resignation of Yatseniuk near the Verkhovna Rada (PHOTOS) 12/11/2015 13:23:19. Total views 1283. Views today — 0.

Several hundred activists are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk near the Verkhovna Rada – reports the correspondent of OstroV.

Near the walls of Parliament there gathered activists from several political parties. They are holfing up signs "Arseniy Yatsenyuk - the second Yanukovych", "We demand the resignation of the government of looters, foreigners and corrupt", "Yatsenyuk changed Maidan", "Yatsenyuk was leading to Europe, and brought to ..."

The building of the Verkhovna Rada is guarded by police officers who check all bags and backpacks.

Today, the government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk is going to report to the people's deputies about the results of their work for the year. At the same time, they continue to collect signatures in the parliament for the resignation of the Cabinet.