"Endless trucks with bodies": russian propagandist hopes coffins from Ukraine will "change russia" 03/07/2023 11:09:56. Total views 338. Views today — 2.

An abnormally large number of bodies of invaders, killed in the war against Ukraine, is noted in Rostov-on-Don. This fact was recognized by the russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovsky in his Telegram channel.

He said that his comrade had told him about a real "cargo 200" conveyor in Rostov-on-Don.

"For the third hour I’ve been watching how stiff bodies are being shoved into coffins, sometimes wringing their hands. They change them into a green uniform, put a cross into their stiff hands, nail down the coffins. I help with that. I seem to have seen everything. But this is f**ked up. Endless trucks with bodies. Just endless", - Zhuchkovsky quotes his comrade.

The russian mercenary draws a paradoxical conclusion from this information. "Front-line soldiers often complain that Russian society is still largely careless and unconscious, has not yet switched on to the "everything for the front, everything for victory" mode. It will. There is no other way. It will be a long, hard and painful way. Life will force people to change. Coffins will change Russia", - Zhuchkovsky says.