Leading russian pharmaceutical plants do not want to cooperate with "DNR" distributors due to fear of sanctions 03/07/2023 09:49:43. Total views 196. Views today — 0.

Leading pharmaceutical distributors and factories of the russian federation do not want to cooperate with the distributors of the so-called "DNR" distributors due to fear of sanctions. This was stated by Anton Svistun, logistics director of one of the largest pharmacy chains in the region, the occupation media write.

"There is a certain problem with the fact that the top 10 large national distributors do not work with our distributors and networks. Factories do not work with us because there are certain fears of sanctions", - he said.

Svistun added that this is one of the reasons why the pharmacies of the supposedly "subject of the russian federation" cannot offer lower prices. Medicines get to Donetsk suppliers through "several resellers", and each of the enterprises adds its own margin to the end price.