Militant Khodakovsky complains about "missile shortage" and advises the russians not to launch an offensive yet 03/03/2023 13:50:16. Total views 427. Views today — 0.

The founder of the Vostok terrorist battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, complains about the "missile shortage" and advises the command of the russian Armed Forces not to go on the offensive. He wrote this on his in social media accounts.

"Our front clearly illustrates the law of conservation of energy, as interpreted by Lomonosov: nothing comes from nowhere and disappears nowhere. It seems that on the direction where they talked the most about the ammunition hunger, the situation has calmed down, but it has worsened in other directions where there is no one to complain loudly. We are like chicks in a nest: whoever shouts the loudest and stretches their neck higher than others gets more", - he says, claiming that there are too few shells for artillery work.

"And if there are no shells, or the state of artillery does not allow to plow the defenses (of the defenders of Ukraine - OstroV) as needed?”, - he asks a rhetorical question and answers it himself. "Do not advance where the artillery has not worked effectively! I repeat: do not launch an offensive!!!!!!! Nobody's medal or star on their uniform is worth the losses suffered", - he urges the command of the russian Armed Forces to refrain from offensive actions on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.