Occupiers carry out a mass "cleansing" in Mariupol and check citizens’ documents (VIDEOFACT) 03/02/2023 11:50:07. Total views 119. Views today — 0.

On the morning of March 2, rashists started to conduct a mass check of the citizens’ documents in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. The advisor to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported that on Telegram.

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"Mariupol. The occupiers have just begun yet another "cleansing" in the area of the Illich Steel and Iron Works. Nikopolsky Ave is blocked, all traffic is directed to Makar Mazay Street. It is the first reaction to the recent explosion", - he wrote.

According to Petro Andryushchenko, a "total cleansing" is now taking place in Mariupol: a large number of military personnel with markings of the russian National Guard has been noticed in the city.

"Counter-partisan actions throughout the Kalmius district of the city from the intersection 7th proizd/ Metalurhiv to the intersection Metalurhiv / Nikopolsky Ave. Mariupol residents, please warn your loved ones to avoid visiting this dangerous area. Delete unnecessary information from your phones, everything that can be ambiguously perceived. Change your phone numbers from +38 to code +7. Take care of your loved ones until the de-occupation", - the advisor to the mayor emphasized.

According to him, at present, traffic along Nikopolsky Ave has been stopped by the National Guard, and the checks are ongoing.

It was reported that in the evening of February 22, explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, Donetsk oblast.