"Freedom of speech" in the "DPR". Newspapers are allowed dosed criticism, but only from the lips of the "master" 05/12/2016 12:31:40. Total views 984. Views today — 0.

Newspapers published in the so-called "DPR" are strictly forbidden to cover the high-profile topics that are unpleasant for the authorities. It is understood from the analytical note prepared by the fake "Ministry of Information of the DPR" and made public due to Ukrainian hackers.

At the same time, criticism is still allowed, but on the condition that it will be controlled and authorized by higher-ups ..

"A certain amount of dosed critical materials is allowed "to blow off the steam" but there is a common condition for editors: criticism is expressed only by government officials with the obligatory plan how to solve (problem - OstroV)," - reveals the analytical note one of the mechanisms to supress freedom of speech in the "DPR".

"All layout sheets are reviewed before printing," – reports the "Ministry of Information".