Journalists demand to delete personal data of mass media representatives on the Myrotvorets website 05/11/2016 13:00:33. Total views 1232. Views today — 0.

A number of leading Ukrainian and foreign journalists appealed to the Myrotvorets website to delete immediately personal information about media representatives who are accredited by the so-called Ministry of Information of the self-proclaimed "DPR". Journalists’ statementsays it.

"We, journalists of Ukrainian and foreign media, and representatives of the Ukrainian and international media organizations, are deeply shocked by the actions of Ukrainian politicians and Myrotvorets website staff who made public personal data of all the journalists who are accredited in the so-called DPR/LPR calling them people who are "cooperating with terrorists," – says the statement.

"Ukrainian and foreign journalists who risked their lives to cover events objectively and told in Ukrainian and international media what was happening on the occupied territories are at stake now.

In particular, thanks to their work, it became known who members of the Vostok battalion, what crimes Motorola and other militants committed, about supply of Russian weapons and many other important facts. These journalists provided information to carry out a qualitative investigation on the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the summer of 2014 and their material on senior officials of the occupied territories became the basis of many investigations and analysis," - said the statement.

Journalists underline that accreditation does not mean and never meant cooperation of journalists with any party to the conflict, but it is a form of protection and safety of a reporter.

They added that after the publication of these data journalists "began to receive calls and letters with threats and some Ukrainian politicians called on to consider these journalists "enemies of Ukraine", and in general to ban to work."

They recalled that the publication violated the Constitution, the law on personal data protection and the European Convention on Human Rights and was a shameful and totally unacceptable act in a civilized and non-totalitarian state that Ukraine is.

Therefore, journalists appealed to the Myrotvorets website to delete immediately information about personal data of journalists and to the law enforcement bodies to open a criminal case on this fact.

As previously reported, Ukrainian Internet Myrotvorets resource made public personal data of journalists accredited by the so-called Ministry of Information of the self-proclaimed "DPR" on Tuesday. This accreditation gave opportunity to work on the occupied territories of Donbass. As noted on the Myrotvorets website, the work permit was issued to 7901 media employees.