Media report visit of CIA head to Kyiv and moscow with offer of "peace in exchange for land". USA denies 02/03/2023 13:52:01. Total views 410. Views today — 0.

Kyiv and moscow have rejected a peace plan from CIA Director William Burns that would intend a cessation of hostilities in exchange for maintaining russian control over part of Ukrainian territory. This is written by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung Swiss newspaper with reference to two independent interlocutors in the German government, - European Pravda reports.

According to the interlocutors referred to by the media outlet, in mid-January, US President Joe Biden instructed head of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns to check the readiness of Ukraine and the russian federation for negotiations.

Burns announced to Kyiv an offer of "peace in exchange for land" and to moscow - "land in exchange for peace".

The size of the territory in question was allegedly about 20% of the area of Ukraine.

Interlocutors of NZZ added that Ukraine and the russian federation had abandoned the "peace plan". In Kyiv, they refused to divide the Ukrainian territory, and in moscow, they believe that in the long run, they will still win the war.

They argue that it was after the failed diplomatic mission of Burns that the US President decided to give in and approve the supply of Abrams battle tanks.

Later, The Newsweek wrote that the White House denies Joe Biden’s proposal to give the territory of Ukraine to putin.

In particular, Deputy White House National Security Council spokesman Sean DeWitt stated that the NZZ’s report was "inaccurate".

At the same time, the CIA spokesman told Newsweek that NZZ’s claim that Burns made a clandestine trip to moscow in January and that he put forward a peace proposal on behalf of the White House was "completely untrue".

As previously reported, the head of the CIA visited Ukraine in January 2023 and met with the president.