Russian "volunteers" may refuse to participate in war against Ukraine at extra charge 01/31/2023 11:49:59. Total views 209. Views today — 1.

Russian "volunteers" who signed a contract to participate in the war against Ukraine can break it and return home at extra charge. This was reported by the СhTD Telegram-channel.

It is noted that the ministry of defense of the russian federation is considering the possibility of early termination of the contract by the occupiers, who signed up for "volunteer battalions".

These rules stipulate that a "volunteer" who refused to continue participating in hostilities against Ukraine must compensate the russian authorities for the money spent on his training and equipment and surrender all issued property and compensate (if any) for the damage caused. In addition, they will have to pay the cost of travel from the military enlistment office to the military unit.

A "volunteer" who arbitrarily leaves the war zone will be accused of violating the terms of the contract and fined the amount of a monthly salary.