Medvedev wants United Russia to lie to whole world that Russia's aggression against Ukraine "saved" world from World War III 01/24/2023 15:00:58. Total views 413. Views today — 0.

Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev called on the ruling party in the russian federation to lie to the whole world that the aggression against Ukraine saved the world from the Third World War. He stated this during a meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of UR, - the party press service reports.

"Our party must help people in the world understand that the Special Military Operation, which is being carried out, has become a forced and last resort response to the preparation of aggression by the USA and its satellites. It is obvious that because of what was happening, the world came close to the threat of World War III", - he voiced another lie, which should explain to the world community the supposedly noble goals of the russian federation's war against Ukraine.