Estonia gives Ukraine all 155-mm howitzers - ambassador 01/24/2023 10:06:48. Total views 205. Views today — 0.

The Estonian government has decided to transfer all 155-mm howitzers to Ukraine to counter russian aggression. This was stated by Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk, who was quoted by the press service of the department.

"We are giving all our 155 mm howitzers to Ukraine. And we want to create a precedent in this way so that other countries have no excuses why they cannot provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to win the war", - Kaimo Kuusk noted.

The aid package from Estonia includes the following types of weapons:

dozens of 155 mm FH-70 and 122 mm D-30 howitzers;

thousands of artillery shells of 155 mm caliber;

hundreds of anti-tank grenade launchers M2 Carl Gustaf with ammunition;

means of supporting artillery units

The total military aid to Ukraine is more than 1% of Estonian GDP.

As previously reported, 9 European countries signed the Tallinn Declaration aimed at helping Ukraine.