2023 entrance campaign: Ministry of Education submits to Rada project for admission to universities based on simplified multi-test 01/20/2023 16:17:45. Total views 479. Views today — 0.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has presented a draft procedure for admission to universities in 2023 based on an improved national multi-subject test (NMT), - Interfax.Ukraine reports.

"Today, the only entry tool is an external independent testing, but, taking into account the security situation, we model the safest admission, take into account the opinion of parents and applicants, and submit to the Verkhovna Rada a jointly agreed admission model as part of an improved national multi-subject test in entry in 2023", - Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlet told at a briefing on the model of the entry campaign in 2023.

In particular, the improved national multi-subject test will consist of two compulsory subjects: Ukrainian language and mathematics, as well as one optional subject: the history of Ukraine, a foreign language (English, French, German or Spanish), physics, chemistry or biology (making a choice will be required when registering for the NMT).

The duration of the test will be 180 minutes, it will include three blocks of subjects, and the time can be divided into blocks independently.

There will be 30 test items in the Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine, chemistry and biology, 32 items in foreign languages, 22 items in mathematics and 20 items in physics.

The innovation of 2023 when passing the NMT will be that a minimum passing score is introduced, which will be equal to at least 10% for each subject, depending on the maximum number of points that will be offered in one or another version of the test.