"Russian journalists don't ask questions at all". Russian pilot was surprised that he was asked about 40 dead in Dnipro 01/17/2023 11:24:03. Total views 328. Views today — 4.

Chief of staff of the aviation squadron of the aviation group of the armed forces of the russian federation Dmitry Golenkov was very surprised that the journalist of the Important News project asked him about his attitude to the fact that a russian missile killed 40 civilians in Dnipro.

He suggested that he was talking to a representative of the Ukrainian media, because russian journalists never ask questions about the deaths of civilians as a result of rocket attacks by the russian armed forces.

"You can't be from Russia! Journalists (in russia - OstroV) do not ask questions at all. Why do you ask me question "What do you think (about the death of 40 civilians as a result of a rocket attack on a residential building in Dnipro on January 14 - OstroV)?

The russian serviceman spoke very aggressively, constantly repeating propaganda clichés that Ukraine is allegedly part of the russian federation and did not feel any guilt for the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

As previously reported, the Security Service of Ukraine published the data of six soldiers from the 52nd guards heavy bomber aviation regiment, from the planes of which a missile attack was launched on Dnipro. Dmitry Golenkov is one of the participants in this crime.