In russia, they want to confiscate property of russians who left and criticize the war 01/13/2023 16:35:00. Total views 180. Views today — 4.

Russians who have left the country and criticize the war against Ukraine may have their property confiscated. This was stated by speaker of the state duma of the russian federation Vyacheslav Volodin, - russian media report.

"The scoundrels who have left live comfortably thanks to our country. While abroad, they rent out real estate, continue to receive fees at the expense of russian citizens. At the same time, they allow themselves to publicly pour dirt on russia, insult our soldiers and officers. They feel their impunity, believing that justice can’t reach them", - he stated.

Volodin is sure that the Criminal Code should be supplemented with a clause "on the confiscation of property from scoundrels in the russian federation, which they have enough to compensate for the damage".

Head of the federation council committee on constitutional legislation and state building Andrei Klishas supported Volodin’s idea, but with the need to "prescribe the wording of a criminal offense and amend the Criminal Code".

As previously reported, Ukrainian military intelligence believes that russia intends to mobilize up to 500 thousand reservists in January, in addition to the 300 thousand that were called up in October.