Ukrainian radio starts working in occupied territories of Donetsk region again 01/12/2023 12:22:28. Total views 192. Views today — 4.

The radio stations of the rashists stopped working in the occupied territories of the Donetsk oblast and in the border regions of russia, instead, the Ukrainian radio started working in the region again. This was reported on Thursday, January 12, by local media.

It is noted that the radio stations of collaborators and russians stopped working – though only in analog format. However, the neighboring waves are now broadcasting in Ukrainian.

The so-called "Ministry of Communications of the DNR" stated that preventive maintenance of transmitting equipment was scheduled for Thursday in the occupied territories of the Donetsk oblast. However, this procedure was supposed to affect only digital television and radio broadcasting.

Let us recall that last summer, people in CADO were also left without over-the-air television and radio broadcasting.